We are passionate supporters of philanthropic giving. Individual generosity is crucial for the promotion and sustenance of countless values-based organizations and their programs and services. We want to help you make the biggest impact while optimizing effectiveness, ease, and efficiency for you.

With your philanthropic interests, you face an array of complexities involved in giving – evaluating prospective charities, structuring the gifts, creating legal entities (trusts, donor-advised funds, designated funds, etc.), tax considerations (now and in the future), implications for estate planning, and other considerations.

Our consultative process will help you navigate those questions and arrive at clarity around your intentions. We help make implementation easy and efficient. Our financial planning support can help you ensure that your giving fits within your overall goals. In short, we help you translate philanthropic intention into material impacts that align with both your values and your long-term personal financial goals.

Donor-Advised Funds

Donor-advised funds are an attractive way to allocate money for charitable giving while retaining flexibility and control over the fund’s investments. Mallery Financial offers personalized support that gives you maximum flexibility and influence.

How it works:

  • We partner with a leading national charitable organization (501(c)3) that specializes in administering private donor-advised funds. Rather than requiring you to adhere to rigid institutional systems, they are designed for personalization. Their fees are competitive.
  • Your initial and/or ongoing contributions to the fund are fully tax-deductible.
  • The money is invested and managed based on direction you provide. As your investment manager, Mallery Financial will establish and manage your donor-advised fund account according to your investment goals and preferences, as we would any accounts you have with us – including socially responsible or faith-based options.
  • You make gifting recommendations, which the administrators implement. Gifts can be set up as one-time or recurring.
  • Mallery Financial is your liaison with the administrators. We handle all paperwork, account setup, recommendations/gifting requests, and reporting to you.

We are passionate about the importance of giving and aligning values with altruistic activity. Whatever your charitable intentions, Mallery Financial can help.

Examining Donor Advised Funds



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