When prospective new clients come in for an introductory meeting they often ask, “Are you a fiduciary?” 

Our answer is an unequivocal “Yes.” 

We are committed to living and breathing the fiduciary standard of care, with full disclosure, objective analysis, and recommendations focused on clients’ best interests without regard to our compensation or other means of personal gain. 

The fiduciary standard of care is about doing the right thing for the right reasons. What that means in practice is that we pledge to act solely in your best interests, to place our primary loyalty to you, and to fully disclose all compensation and any other fees. It also means we avoid conflicts of interest and, when they exist, we disclose them and minimize them to the greatest extent possible. We are independent and use no proprietary products, and we neither pay for nor receive any compensation for referrals.

Most important, we care about our clients. Our fiduciary standard of care, our focus on personalization, our breadth of services, and our technical capabilities all reflect our commitment to doing the best job we can to serve you. 

We are passionate about helping people, and we pursue the highest standards in service of our clients.