Whether you’re investing for current income, long-term objectives, or a specific goal in between, we will tailor an investment program specific to your risk profile, goals, and preferences. We invite you to join our values-based, transparent, collaborative process where we put your interests at the center of everything we do.

Our fiduciary investment process is designed to ensure broad and appropriate diversification, to maximize the quality of the investments we recommend, and to minimize the possibility of intrusion of human error into the decision-making process. It’s an objective, systematic process. We don’t presume to have a crystal ball or to predict the future. We don’t swing for the bleachers with every pitch. In a way, we put “investing” back into investing – allocating investment capital into high-quality opportunities designed to perform over the long term.

The primary variable is you – your goals, your timeline, your comfort (or lack of comfort) with risk, and, above all the purpose of the investment. Our foundational fiduciary process supports the further work we do in customizing your investment program, which may include, optionally, personalizing your portfolio based on your values, priorities, and preferences.

Our process begins with a thorough risk analysis – developing a profile of your risk tolerance, but also your risk need (how much growth you need to accomplish your investment goals), and your risk capacity (how much “room” you have for taking on risk, independent of your comfort level with it). 

Personalization doesn’t stop there. You may have a mix of investment goals and investment time frames that range from short- to long-term. You may have a mix of account types and tax treatments. We construct our recommendations holistically, with the goal of helping you achieve your overall and time-based goals with tax efficiency, all within your overall risk objectives.

If you’re concerned about the social and big-picture economic impacts of your investment decisions, we can further customize your portfolio based on considerations of values or social impacts. You don’t have to invest in areas of the economy you don’t wish to participate in. Instead, you can invest your money in a custom portfolio that reflects your values. Our recommendations are always based on your criteria. If your criteria include values or social impacts, we can personalize your portfolio to a very specific degree.

When it comes to new account implementation, portfolio monitoring and reporting, and account servicing, we strive to provide a concierge touch. Have you ever noticed how many service providers seem to give no thought to your experience as a customer or client? From paperwork signing to accessing your account information, from changes in contact information to moving money to or from your accounts, we strive to make your experience easy and light.

If you’d like to learn more, consider a no-obligation portfolio assessment. We are happy share our analytical services to provide you insights into your current portfolio and help you see what you own.

We don’t have a secret sauce. We don’t have a black box. Everything we do is done transparently. Our real secret stands in the light of day: our fiduciary process and personalization, which are designed to help you make your money do the things that are important to you.