Financial Planning

Have you ever felt like financial planning advice doesn’t really match your situation? Maybe it feels like the advice isn’t aligned with your values, or maybe your lifestyle? Maybe you feel like your life is more complicated than what’s shown in financial planning documents?

What if you could see every element of your financial world, every idiosyncrasy, and how each of these raw materials can be used to build the future you value most? 

With Mallery Financial, you can.

Our approach is different from most. We take the time to gather all of your information and build a digital virtual model of your financial world. Once it’s been created, we review it together to ensure that it’s accurate, nothing’s been missed, and it’s a realistic replica of your financial world – income, expenses, assets (investments, savings, pensions, retirement accounts, etc.), all as they are today and as you expect them to unfold over time.

Your future is not linear, not one smooth projection. Major events come and go. Life milestones cause shifts in your earnings and spending and in your saving patterns. We capture all those changes as part of your financial model.

The model also captures one-off events; for example, major purchases like new cars through time, college funding, weddings, roof repair/replacement, home renovation, grandchildren, major travel. We build the model of your present, and the future you expect and want to see. 

We then run a simulation through time to see how well prepared you are for the tomorrow you hope for today. 

Will you be able to afford all the dreams you hold for the future? Will your assets last through a long and healthy retirement? How much will be left for heirs? What about the impacts of potential life-changing events?

The picture revealed empowers you to think clearly and confidently about the future. 

Our “gap analysis” looks for and reveals any areas where the plan would benefit from strengthening. We bring our strategic planning skills to the table to present planning recommendations designed to add resiliency to your plan.

Our analyses include a work-up of your current investments, how they compare with both your personal risk profile and your growth and income needs. If needed, we make recommendations for adjustments to your current savings and investment plan. We recommend investment structures that may better align with your risk profile and/or produce better results in your plan. We always focus on how to help make your plan more resilient and sustainable, within your zone of comfort, values, and preferences. 

If you want a higher level of confidence, we can put your plan through rigorous stress testing. These stress tests expose your financial simulation to stressors like bear markets, periods of hyperinflation, or simply a higher level of spending than you think you’ll need. We’ll also test the effects a disability, premature death, or late-life health events. 

Based on the feedback from stress testing we recommend preemptive strategic planning that will add further resilience to your long-term projections. The future is uncertain, but you can prepare for these major challenges, especially those that are shown to have the greatest impact on your projections.

Your plan is unique. Maybe you own rental properties. Maybe you are self-employed. Maybe you expect to relocate soon, or later. Maybe you expect a major inheritance. There is virtually no limit to the customization we do in our simulations to arrive at a roadmap – your roadmap – to the future.

People always ask, “What will happen after the planning work has been completed?”  

We are ready and able to help you implement the plan, in part or in whole. Implementing the plan through us establishes an ongoing relationship that will include ongoing periodic financial plan updates. If you choose to implement the plan on your own, we’re available for periodic reviews, updates, and recommendations.

One thing that’s certain is that life is uncertain. Your internal thought processes, priorities, and concerns as well as your circumstances and financial plan data will change over time. We can be your long-term planning partner, keeping your plan data current and the direction of events through time in alignment with your evolving needs and life changes.