Accurate performance reporting is essential for evaluating how your investments are tracking relative to your goals. Mallery Financial uses independent third-party reporting software (Albridge Reporting).

Our reporting system also enables aggregation of all of your accounts under our management, even if some accounts are at different custodians, into a unified, standard reporting environment. We can combine the data from selected accounts (for example, all your retirement accounts or all your taxable accounts) or at the highest level provide a report for all your accounts across all account types to give you a clear idea of your overall performance.

Albridge performance data are net of all fees (custodial, platform, trading, and advisory), which gives you the most accurate picture of how your investments are doing.

Whether you are looking for a high-level aggregated composite report or want to drill down into deep details of any one account, our reporting software can provide the information you need.

Albridge performance reports show performance net of all fees (custodial, platform, and advisory).