Financial Stewardship Support

Board members of non-profits carry responsibility for the governance and stewardship of their organizations. Among their many responsibilities, they are the financial stewards of the organization, charged with ensuring the prudent and appropriate use of the organization’s financial resources. It is a fiduciary responsibility.

Board members and other leaders bring great talent and energy, but often not in the areas of investment management, fiduciary/stewardship-based investment policies, or even in the more mundane areas of employee benefits.

We have experience both personally serving on boards of charitable organizations and professionally helping organizations develop investment policies, investment management recommendations, and relationships with money managers, trusts, endowments, and community foundations.

Our experience can provide your board and leadership team a unique combination of personal understanding of your situation, and professional guidance and services to help you fulfill your fiduciary responsibilities and enable your organization to thrive into the future.

Planned Giving Support

Non-profit organizations live and die by their fundraising and other development efforts. Planned giving through bequests, charitable trusts, and other philanthropic strategies can provide a pathway toward more sustainable and predictable long-term income flows.

Our consulting and assistance with implementation of charitable giving plans can facilitate the successful development of financial funding channels that can support your organization for years to come.