As critical as plans are in achieving your goals, experience shows that plans can be blown off course by unexpected events or changing circumstances. There’s the rub – to have a plan, yet to retain flexibility and the ability to adjust to changing circumstances.

“Navigation” best describes our approach to planning. We target the coordinates, map out the route to get you there, and lead you through well-researched paths to your destination. But it is also important to be aware of potential hazards and to keep escape routes, contingency plans, and resources available in case of a major storm.

At Mallery Financial, a plan is not a fixed document that assumes a static world – it is a living, breathing process that navigates the changeability of time as you move forward toward your goal.

A plan, or “navigational map,” gives context not only for your investment program, but for many other decisions, both financial and personal. It provides the foundation and framework for your life experience and the quality of life you desire as you move forward.

In fact, the real goal of a financial plan is not as much about the numbers as it is about helping you to achieve personal as well as financial freedom, to enjoy the quality of life that is meaningful to you, and to experience peace, security, and fulfillment throughout your life.

Our goal for your navigational plan is that it be sound, feasible, durable, and the best of all possible routes for you, based on your goals, circumstances, values, lifestyle, and personal preferences.


Holistic Financial Planning

Our holistic approach is designed to integrate all the elements of your financial world into a unified picture. We work with you to design a strategic plan – a navigational strategy – to help you move forward toward your goals and achieve the things that are important to you.

One of the key differentiators of Mallery Financial is our ability to represent your entire financial world in one coherent picture. Our holistic financial planning software combines comprehensive planning capabilities with  account aggregation to provide a comprehensive picture of your financial world available. As a holistic planning client, you will have access to your own personal financial website, where you can access account information, planning documents, and legal documents in one location, with secure, single sign-on access from any internet connection.


Retirement Planning

Retirement is a game changer. The old rules no longer apply. In retirement, you no longer think in terms of changing jobs or starting a new business, working longer, or giving your investments chance to recover after a correction. The need for income is immediate, persistent, and potentially long-lasting.

Ideas about retirement are also changing. Increasingly, rocking chairs and quietude are giving way to full, active, busy lives. Advances in healthcare are making it possible to experience 20, 25, even 30 or more years in retirement – and more fully engaged than sitting in a rocking chair (although rocking chairs are nice, too).

Planning for income in retirement requires a well-thought-out plan, specialized investment and distribution strategies, risk management, tax planning, and careful monitoring.

Consistent with our mission, our goal is to empower you to experience the kind of retirement you want by helping you maximize your income and retaining flexible access to capital throughout retirement, as well as by helping you to maximize your wealth potential.


Estate Planning

Estate planning is important, regardless of your level of wealth or the complexity of your situation. Proper estate planning provides a powerful roadmap for your family, business, and other legacy interests as well as simply an orderly transition of assets. Perhaps most important, your estate plan can also provide guidance for late-life healthcare decisions, the extent and manner of your care, how to protect your experience, and how to maintain dignity and consistency with your values.

Successful estate planning calls for an integrated approach, considering technical, legal, and tax considerations as well as personal lifestyle concerns and family dynamics. We work in tandem with your other advisers, often as coordinator, to ensure that you arrive at a holistic, integrated solution that addresses the many layers of concern involved in estate planning.

We recommend uploading copies of your legal documents to the secure vault in your personal financial website that we provide you. The vault will give your agents, executors, and trustees ready access to the documents from anywhere, at the time needed.


College Planning

With the rising cost of college and increasing demands for skilled workers, college remains an important next step for many children. Planning for college includes not only strategies for paying for it, but also career selection, college selection, and flexible strategies to allow for changes that may (likely will) occur as your child grows. For many, four-year degrees are being replaced with online programs, trade training, or on-the-job apprenticeships. In our fast-changing society, it is impossible to say where college opportunities – or our children – will be headed in the future.


Specific-Issue Planning

Not every planning problem fits into tidy boxes. Some examples may include:

  • Changing careers
  • Inheritance/sudden wealth
  • Business exit/transitioning
  • Divorce settlement planning
  • Real estate purchases and investments
  • Tax planning
  • Caring for aging parents


Our consultative approach may be able to help with any variety of issues that create a nexus of finances and personal goals.