Strategic Planning & Implementation

Business Spoken Here

Stephen Mallery is not only a financial adviser, but a business owner with deep entrepreneurial roots. His father started his business right after returning from World War II and never looked back. All four of Mallery's siblings are or have been business owners. Mallery himself has been self-employed for 20 years. Before hanging out his shingle for financial services, he owned and operated a successful magazine publishing company. He knows what it's like to run a business, make payroll, and turn a profit.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

For most business owners, the business is the cornerstone of their financial world. But how, specifically, do you protect it, ensure its continuity in best- or worst-case scenarios, retain a loyal and productive workforce, and leverage it to the greatest extent possible for your and your family's personal benefit?We help business owners address a variety of strategic planning issues, including:

  • Business continuation/succession planning – whether planning against catastrophic risks for the company, or for a graceful (and profitable) transition at retirement
  • Key employee/stakeholder protection, retention, rewards
  • Executive benefits, deferred comp arrangements, etc.
  • Investment services


We help facilitate non-hurried, reasoned conversations with owners and stakeholders about options and optimal courses of action to help navigate these challenging issues.

Tax Preparation for Businesses

A common concern that we've heard at Mallery Financial is that tax preparers are not providing proactive help in tax planning. The tax preparer -- the person who has the most intimate knowledge of your tax situation -- typically records what happened last year, shows you the outcome, and waits for you to provide information again next year. We hear that proactive tax planning is persistently lacking in the experience of many people.

For that reason, Stephen Mallery opened a tax preparation business to help you accomplish two things: 1) get your taxes done, accurately, on time, and affordably, and 2) gain a direct interface between the tax preparer and the financial planner for insight into how to structure income and assets for better tax outcomes.

Mallery has partnered with a network of top tax professionals with a bent toward proactive tax planning. For more information, see the ProActive Tax Partners website.