About this Free Test

People span a wide range of appetites for risk, from complete avoidance to fully embracing it. Where are you on that spectrum?

Knowing your innate risk position empowers you to invest in a portfolio that is in your “Goldilocks” spot – not too much risk, not too little. Investing in alignment with your comfort zone means you won’t make rash decisions but will stay invested – which is said to be the single greatest determiner of investing success.

What you can expect from the FinaMetrica risk profile:

  • Highly personalized report
  • A clearer understanding of your attitudes and approaches to financial risk
  • A clearer understanding of how one’s risk position relates to long-term portfolio outcomes (average long-term returns) and “black swan” events (short-term gains or losses in extraordinary market events)
  • Support for making properly informed decisions as to the financial risk in your portfolio(s) and overall plan


About FinaMetrica

The FinaMetrica Risk Tolerance Profile was launched in 1998. It was developed and trialed in Australia over four years with the assistance of the University of New South Wales. It's now maintained with expertise from the London School of Economics and has gained international recognition as world's best practice.

It makes use of a psychometric* approach to determining personal financial risk tolerance, and the report includes educational materials designed to help investors better understand how their investments might perform in the future.

The profile’s reliability and validity is backed by over a million uses by thousands of financial advisors in over 20 countries.

*Psychometrics is the blending of psychology and statistics. It is the scientific discipline for testing personal characteristics such as risk tolerance. Psychometrics sets international standards for both the development of tests and for evaluating the qualities of tests. The FinaMetrica risk tolerance profile exceeds these standards for validity and reliability.

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