First Affirmative Quarterly Communication -- April 2015

Stephen Mallery |

First Affirmative released its quarterly newsletter and commentaries in April, for the period ending 31 March 2015.

Affirmative Impact, their quarterly newsletter, features highly readable articles about trends and news of interest on “impact investing” (download the PDF here). This edition features articles on fracking, carbon pricing, Oslo’s divestiture from coal, and the growth of sustainable investing globally. A good read from beginning to end.

Another highly readable piece, the Economic Commentary (download PDF here) looks at the economy at the end of the first quarter and asks the question: “Are we in a new kind of pattern?” So far 2015 has started out much like 2014 and even other years before it, potentially signaling a new pattern since the Great Recession.

For a more in-depth look at the markets, see the Market Commentary (

Also, don’t miss the current issue of Shareowner Advocacy, available on their website (  This page provides a succinct overview of the power stockholders (you!) can leverage in corporate board rooms to effect change.

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