Capital Market Briefing for June, 2015 (from Curian Capital, LLC)

Stephen Mallery |

Curian Capital has released the June edition of its Capital Market Briefing (for the period ended 31 May 2015). 

For busy readers, I recommend reading page 1 (Executive Summary) and page 7 (Summary and Outlook) for the “Cliff Notes” version.  But there’s lots of good data (charts, graphs, and concise explanations) in between.

Curian’s outlook is generally positive, citing continuing improvement on the jobs front and other positive benchmark data to forecast continued growth, both domestically and internationally. For the second year in a row we’ve seen poor first quarter performance, and both years’ performance seems tied to transient conditions (weather, dock-workers’ strike, etc.). Curian forecasts that, as in 2014, the early challenges of the year do not indicate fundamental weaknesses and that we will see continued growth the rest of the year.

Curian predicts that the Fed will likely move forward with its first interest rate increase in September, adding challenges to the already challenged fixed-income sector.

Curian’s report concludes: “With equities near all-time highs, valuations expanding, and a likely rate hike pending in 2015, we believe the near term could be a choppier period for investors.”