Risk Management

Risk Management

Managing risk is an important part of financial planning, investment management, and building long-term financial security. What good does it do to have a “perfect” plan only to have everything scuttled by a major market correction, a legal challenge, a health crisis, or other unexpected calamity?

Risk management is a central focus at Mallery Financial. We apply awareness of risk and risk mitigation techniques to a broad range of strategies to manage investment risk, personal exposure to risk, protecting assets against legal exposures, and more conventional insurance-based approaches.

We are not a firm focused on trying to sell insurance products. Although insurance is often an appropriate solution, our holistic advisory approach means we look more broadly for planning strategies and investment techniques that mitigate risk. We start by helping to determine your risk exposure, analyze the impact of that risk, and then look for the most appropriate solutions for managing or transferring that risk in a way that fits your needs and makes the most effective use of your capital. Our “full toolbox approach” means we do have insurance options (often good options), but we remain agnostic, compelled only by client needs and preferences.

For more information about our approach to insurance, see the Insurance section of this website.

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