From Our Perspective

From Our Perspective

An Open Letter from Stephen Mallery

"Fear grows in darkness; if you think there's a bogeyman around, turn on the light"
—Dorothy Thompson, journalist

Talk to people about their relationship with financial professionals, and one theme you will often hear is wariness, skepticism, and distrust. It's understandable. Many feel betrayed by the events of the past few years. Many suffered terrible losses in their retirement accounts. Trusted institutions failed and dissolved. News of frauds and Ponzi schemes became commonplace – Bernie Madoff was the most notorious, but we saw repeated examples of fraud and abuse, even reaching into our local community. “Is there anyone we can trust?” is a common refrain today.

The challenge with trust is that it spans so many dimensions – from issues of personal character like honesty and integrity, to questions of technical knowledge and professional competence. In the financial services marketplace, trust has been shaken at the foundational level – “Does anything work anymore?” At the human level linger questions about the basic business relationship with advisers. It's not uncommon to hear people express concerns like “How am I charged?” “Are fees and commissions fair?” and “How do I know you’re really focused on my best interests?"

The world has changed. It takes new approaches, new tools, and fresh perspectives to set a true course toward the successful achievement of financial goals. It also takes intelligence about potential hazards along the way, and the ability to sift through the noise on the radar to see threats and opportunities clearly.

That is my chief pursuit at Mallery Financial – to understand the territory, to uncover opportunities, to manage risk appropriately, to make your money work efficiently, and to do everything through a personal ethic of honesty, transparency, and commitment to putting you and your needs first. I believe this core mission will help you sleep better at night.

Me too.

Stephen Mallery

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