Investment Research

Investment Research

Just how does an adviser determine what investments to recommend? How does an adviser select securities and assemble them into coherent portfolios for each client? Those are good questions to ask of any adviser.

At Mallery Financial, we don’t base decisions on advertising, brand name recognition, emotion, perks received from investment companies, or golf-buddy tips. We use professional independent analytical software tools from Morningstar, Inc., to put any prospective investment through its paces to separate the wheat from the chaff, help us understand the strengths and risks, and enable us to make decisions based on objective information.

Our software enables us to apply filters on virtually any publicly traded security, perform deep analytical research, and select those that appear objectively to merit recommendation based on the needs of the client.

Mallery Financial believes and operates on the principles of transparency, objectivity, and analysis. All potential investment programs are run through objective analytical screening before we make recommendations to you. 


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