Many people lump “risk management” together with insurance, for good reason. Transferring risk to a third party through insurance can be a cost-effective, powerful tool. But insurance can also be oversold, costly, and ineffective. In fact, because insurance is almost always sold, people who feel like they are being sold often pull back, raising questions and concerns about the intrinsic merits of the proposed insurance. Often those questions and concerns are not fully resolved, leaving lingering uncertainty. Sometimes those questions will save someone from a costly, unnecessary mistake. Other times it might deprive the person of what might be a good insurance solution for their situation.

Independent Advocates for Clients

As independent advocates for buyers, Mallery Financial takes an approach that is 180 degrees from conventional practice. Our approach is to advocate on behalf of clients and their best interests, emphasizing transparency, objective analysis, and client-centered recommendations. It sounds strange to have to say that, but in a world of commission-based salespeople trying to close deals at any cost, we believe you might find it refreshing to know that we are a firm you can turn to for objective, independent, non-sales-focused advice.

A Model for Every Need

You can choose the compensation arrangement -- commission or fee – based on your needs and preferences.

Independent Insurance Brokering

Traditional insurance brokering is appropriate for average needs for families and businesses with straightforward protection needs.

Fee-Based Insurance Consulting

A fee-based approach may be more appropriate for high net worth families, businesses with complex needs, and the allied professionals who serve them (attorneys, CPAs, bankers, etc.). Click the following link for more information about our fee-based insurance consulting services.

Insurance Categories Served

Insurance Categories We Serve Directly:

  • Life insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Annuities (fixed, variable, and equity-indexed)


Insurance Categories We Serve Through Referral:

  • Health (including Medicare)
  • Property & casualty (auto, home, etc.)
  • Liability


Client-Centered, Data-Driven Insurance Services

Regardless of the insurance type, need, or model of service, Mallery Financial always seeks to put the client's interests first. That means you will not experience pressure to buy anything or to do anything that doesn't feel 100% right, and that all analyses and recommendations are based on unusually deep analytical dives.

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