Financial Planning Framework

Financial Planning Framework

Having a plan is an essential part of achieving any goal. Yet experience shows that plans can be blown off course by unexpected events or changing circumstances. There’s the rub – to have a plan, yet to realize that it must be flexible and able to adjust to changing circumstances.

“Navigation” best describes our approach to planning. We target the coordinates, map out the route to get you there, and steam ahead hard in that direction – but it is also important to be aware of potential hazards and to keep escape routes, contingency plans, and resources available in case of a major storm.

At Mallery Financial, a plan is not a stale document that assumes a static world – it is a living, breathing process that navigates the changeability of time as you move forward toward your goal.

A plan, or “navigational map,” gives context not only for your investment program, but for many other decisions, both financial and personal. It provides the framework for your life experience and the quality of life you desire as you move forward.

In fact, the real goal of a financial plan is not as much about the numbers as it is about helping you to achieve personal as well as financial freedom, to enjoy the quality of life that is meaningful to you, and to experience peace, security, and fulfillment throughout your life.

Our goal for your navigational plan is that it be sound, feasible, durable, and the best of all possible routes for you, based on your goals, circumstances, values, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

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