At Mallery Financial we prefer fee-based advisory arrangements because of their transparency, flexibility, alignment of interests (ours and yours), and overall value to you. In contrast, we believe that commission-based sales tend to be opaque, transactional, less flexible, and less conducive to successful long-term relationships.

That said, some account registrations and product types can be accessed only through commission channels, so we maintain dual licensing so that we may access or service these products, as appropriate, based on your circumstances and needs. Retaining access to these products gives us a full, diversified tool box, enabling us to deploy the solution that is appropriate to you (and to service existing accounts that were sold on a commissions basis).

The specific fee for our engagement with you will depend on the amount of work involved, the complexity of your situation, assets under management with us, etc. All fees are negotiable. Let’s discuss the specifics and start our collaboration with a fee agreement that is fair for all parties.

It's important to understand that while the word "fees" may conjure a sense of higher expense, fee-based investments have no font-end or back-end loads and may have lower management fees than commissions-based investments. Have no doubt, every professional gets paid; the difference is that fees are transparent, while commissions are opaque, embedded in the overall cost of the product, and outside of your awareness or control.

We recommend starting with a complimentary, no-obligation initial meeting to give each of us chance to see if there’s a fit for us to work together. That meeting will also help define the scope of work, and we can discuss the fee arrangement at that time, based on your situation and how we might be able to help you.

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