60-Day Rollovers: Just One per Year per Customer, Please

Need a little cash from your In­dividual Retirement Account (IRA)? Just a short-term need with the intent to replace the funds without triggering a taxable distribution? That’s of­ten referred to as a 60-day rollover – draw the funds to meet the short-term need, then return the money to the IRA within 60 days, and there are no tax consequences.

Higher Income Can Raise Your Medicare Premiums, with a Time Lag

Most retirees know that a rising income also raises the amount of one’s Social Security benefits that are counted as taxable income – as much as 85% of one’s benefits can be subject to income tax. But at even higher incomes, Uncle Sam takes another bite from Social Security.

How to Increase Your Returns with Tax-Savvy Investing

After market-risk and inflation-risk, taxation-risk presents the biggest obstacle to building wealth. A sound investment strategy seeks not only to generate returns on your capital, it also seeks to preserve as much of your capital as possible to keep it working for you. One of the surest ways to preserve your capital is to reduce the amount of taxes you pay on investment income and gains.

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