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Higher Income Can Raise Your Medicare Premiums, with a Time Lag

Most retirees know that a rising income also raises the amount of one’s Social Security benefits that are counted as taxable income – as much as 85% of one’s benefits can be subject to income tax. But at even higher incomes, Uncle Sam takes another bite from Social Security.

Retirement Crisis? Maybe, or Maybe Not

Whenever the press and finan­cial services industry unite around a story line, it’s probably worth a second look. The idea that America is headed for a retirement crisis is one of those mantras, but in a recent study, analysts with retirement plan consultant Towers Watson reached a somewhat rosier conclusion.

Working Past 65? You Still May Need to Enroll in Medicare

If you are 65 or older and work­ing for an employer who provides health insurance, it still may be im­portant for you to sign up for Medi­care. Medicare rules require enroll­ment for those over 65 who are not covered by an employer’s health plan that covers at least 20 employ­ees.

Spotlight on Disability Income Insurance

The worst day in many people’s lives is the day they have a life-changing accident, or the day a doctor confirms the diagnosis of a challenging illness or disease.

The "Fragile Decade" of Your Retirement

Some call it the “fragile decade,” that first 10 years of retirement when market movements can have a profound effect on a portfolio’s ability to sustain income and financial security for the years ahead.  It has a lot to do with the sequencing of returns. 

Planning for the New Normal Retirement

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Retirement Anymore

The need for retirement planning didn’t really exist until well into the 1970s. Up to that point, people worked until age 65 and then spent a few years in leisure through their life expectancy, which was about 69. Many retirees of that era were able to coast into retirement with the support of a pension plan.

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