February 2015

The Long-Term Care Conundrum

Depending on who you read, the statistical likelihood of your needing long-term care in your lifetime is somewhere between 50% and 70%. Yet few people buy insurance for it. Why?

Planning for the New Normal Retirement

It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Retirement Anymore

The need for retirement planning didn’t really exist until well into the 1970s. Up to that point, people worked until age 65 and then spent a few years in leisure through their life expectancy, which was about 69. Many retirees of that era were able to coast into retirement with the support of a pension plan.

How to Increase Your Returns with Tax-Savvy Investing

After market-risk and inflation-risk, taxation-risk presents the biggest obstacle to building wealth. A sound investment strategy seeks not only to generate returns on your capital, it also seeks to preserve as much of your capital as possible to keep it working for you. One of the surest ways to preserve your capital is to reduce the amount of taxes you pay on investment income and gains.

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