60-Day Rollovers: Just One per Year per Customer, Please

Need a little cash from your In­dividual Retirement Account (IRA)? Just a short-term need with the intent to replace the funds without triggering a taxable distribution? That’s of­ten referred to as a 60-day rollover – draw the funds to meet the short-term need, then return the money to the IRA within 60 days, and there are no tax consequences.

Higher Income Can Raise Your Medicare Premiums, with a Time Lag

Most retirees know that a rising income also raises the amount of one’s Social Security benefits that are counted as taxable income – as much as 85% of one’s benefits can be subject to income tax. But at even higher incomes, Uncle Sam takes another bite from Social Security.

Watch for Budget Battles to Resume

Remember the great kerfuffle over the “fiscal cliff” a few years back?  It’s been pretty quiet on the federal budget front since then, partly due to generally favorable trends. From 2011 to 2014 federal red ink shrank from $1.37 trillion to $513 billion. That still may sound like a big gap, but it’s just 3% of U.S.

Monthly Economic Update for July, 2015

A concise summary of the key economic trends and market news (in the United States and around the globe) for the month of July, 2015, and what to look for in the weeks to come.

Capital Market Briefing for June, 2015 (from Curian Capital, LLC)

Curian Capital has released the June edition of its Capital Market Briefing (for the period ended 31 May 2015). 

Retirement Crisis? Maybe, or Maybe Not

Whenever the press and finan­cial services industry unite around a story line, it’s probably worth a second look. The idea that America is headed for a retirement crisis is one of those mantras, but in a recent study, analysts with retirement plan consultant Towers Watson reached a somewhat rosier conclusion.

Working Past 65? You Still May Need to Enroll in Medicare

If you are 65 or older and work­ing for an employer who provides health insurance, it still may be im­portant for you to sign up for Medi­care. Medicare rules require enroll­ment for those over 65 who are not covered by an employer’s health plan that covers at least 20 employ­ees.

Sustainable Investing: 30% of Global Managed Assets

By James Griffitts, Contributor at First Affirmative Financial Network

Monthly Economic Update for June, 2015

First Affirmative Quarterly Communication -- April 2015

First Affirmative released its quarterly newsletter and commentaries in April, for the period ending 31 March 2015.

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